Country Feeds Starter-Grower Pig Feed


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Complete feed for starting and growing pigs

Balance is Key The protein and amino acid profile in Country Feeds Starter/Grower Pig Feed is specifically designed to be optimum for young pigs.

Start Right Added lysine helps promote growth and development of muscle, so young pigs start with the right type of growth - from the very beginning.

Why Whey? Young pigs’ digestive systems are immature and still developing. Using whey protein as a lactose source in the starter/grower ration increases palatability and provides easily digested energy.

  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals growing pigs need
  • Balanced protein with amino acid profile optimized for young pigs
  • Contains whey products to ease weaning transition and for improved palatability and digestibility
  • Complete feed, no additional supplements required
  • Meat and bone meal free
  • Pelleted form encourages consumption and helps to minimize waste
  • Nutrient-dense formulation supports limited intake associated with weaning stress
  • Added zinc supports a healthy immune system

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