Country Feeds Grower Finisher Pig Feed


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Complete feed for growing and finishing pigs

Balance is Key The protein and amino acid profile in Country Feeds Grower/Finisher Pig Feed is specifically designed to be optimum for pigs that are being raised for meat.

Grow Right Added lysine helps promote growth and development of muscle, so pigs get the right type of growth.

Nutrient Dense A growing pig needs a wide array of nutrients and a good deal of energy to perform well. Our Country Feeds Grower/Finisher Pig Feed is packed with the nutrition that pigs need, and delivers that nutrition with the amount of energy they require.

  • Nutrient-dense formulation supports growth and muscle development
  • Fortifed with 16% protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for healthy pigs
  • Meat and bone meal free
  • Complete feed, no additional supplements required
  • Pelleted form encourages consumption and helps to minimize waste
  • Added zinc supports a healthy immune system

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